Mini-MBA Programs

Cutting-Edge Business Theory & Practice

SAAM CE Mini-MBA programs bring practitioners from different industries and organizations together in a rich and diverse learning environment. Our Mini-MBA programs designed to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities through an unmatchable combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction.

CodeMini – MBA ProgramsLevel Days 
MBA011Mini-MBA: Business EssentialsAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA012Mini-MBA: Digital MarketingAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA013Mini-MBA: Project ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA014Mini-MBA: Supply Chain ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA015Mini-MBA: EntrepreneurshipAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA016Mini-MBA: Information TechnologyAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA017Mini-MBA: TelecommunicationsAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA018Mini-MBA: Oil & Gas Strategic ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA019Mini-MBA: Oil & Gas Project ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
November 11, 2017
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