Master Certificates

Masters Certificates for Business Managers & Consultants

The Master Certificate Series designed exclusively for business managers and consultants. Master Certificate Programs deliver a combination of cutting-edge business theory along with highly relevant models and techniques for practical application.

CodeMasters Certificate ProgramsLevel Days 
MCP020Masters Certificate in Business AnalysisAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP021Masters Certificate in Marketing and Sales PlanningAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP022Masters Certificate in Organizational DevelopmentAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP023Masters Certificate in Advanced Project ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP024Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business PerformanceAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP025Masters Certificate in Strategic Human Resource ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP026Masters Certificate in IT Governance, Security, and IntelligenceAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP027Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP028Masters Certificate in Telecommunications ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP029Masters Certificate in Oil & Gas Project ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP030Masters Certificate in Oil & Gas Strategic ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
November 11, 2017
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