Cutting-Edge Business Knowledge and Just-in-Time Trainings for Immediate Tasks in Hand

Corporate Programs

In the era of rapidly changing environments, executives, managers and entrepreneur leaders are required to be able to quickly develop in order to respond and address immediate situations. Our coaching and training is about this kind of just-in-time learning which is focused on practical and immediate resolution to the task in hand. Our in-house, online, and on-site custom trainings provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience that focuses on identifying critical issues and formulating solutions that deliver value for managers and organizations. Our corporate programs are grouped into five series and three levels as follow:

Course Legend:   

IN – Intermediate,   AD – Advanced,   EX – Expert


1. Mini – MBA Programs

SAAM CE Mini-MBA programs bring practitioners from different industries and organizations together in a rich and diverse learning environment. Our Mini-MBA programs designed to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities through an unmatchable combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction.

CodeMini – MBA ProgramsLevel Days 
MBA011Mini-MBA: Business EssentialsAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA012Mini-MBA: Digital MarketingAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA013Mini-MBA: Project ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA014Mini-MBA: Supply Chain ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA015Mini-MBA: EntrepreneurshipAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA016Mini-MBA: Information TechnologyAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA017Mini-MBA: TelecommunicationsAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA018Mini-MBA: Oil & Gas Strategic ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry
MBA019Mini-MBA: Oil & Gas Project ManagementAD, EX14Inquiry


2. Masters Certificate Programs

The Master Certificate Series designed exclusively for business managers and consultants. Master Certificate Programs deliver a combination of cutting-edge business theory along with highly relevant models and techniques for practical application.

CodeMasters Certificate ProgramsLevel Days 
MCP020Masters Certificate in Business AnalysisAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP021Masters Certificate in Marketing and Sales PlanningAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP022Masters Certificate in Organizational DevelopmentAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP023Masters Certificate in Advanced Project ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP024Masters Certificate in Risk Management and Business PerformanceAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP025Masters Certificate in Strategic Human Resource ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP026Masters Certificate in IT Governance, Security, and IntelligenceAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP027Masters Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP028Masters Certificate in Telecommunications ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP029Masters Certificate in Oil & Gas Project ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry
MCP030Masters Certificate in Oil & Gas Strategic ManagementAD, EX7Inquiry


3. Professional Courses – Leadership & Management

The Professional Courses provide extensive learning experience that is unique. The Professional Courses are designed for individuals and organizations aiming to sharpen their management skills. The Professional Program delivers a combination of cutting-edge business theory along with highly relevant models, case studies and techniques for practical application.

CodeProfessional CoursesLevelDays 
LMC031Building a Successful
Business Case
IN, AD4Inquiry
LMC032Building Teamwork Across Cultures, Diversities & GeographiesIN, AD, EX4Inquiry
LMC033Business Process Improvement, Modelling and ManagementIN, AD4Inquiry
LMC034Business-Driven Strategic Technology PlanningIN, AD4Inquiry
LMC035Certificate in Coaching Skills for Managers and DirectorsAD, EX5Inquiry
LMC036Certificate in Management Skills for SupervisorsIN, AD5Inquiry
LMC037Certificate in Management ConsultingAD, EX5Inquiry
LMC038Certificate in Strategic Leadership and InnovationAD, EX5Inquiry
LMC039Certificate in Change ManagementAD, EX5Inquiry
LMC040Certificate in Advanced Project ManagementAD, EX5Inquiry
LMC041Create a Strong Customer Service Culture For Your OrganizationIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC042Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem SolvingAD2Inquiry
LMC043Critical Thinking and Strategic Problem Solving Skills for LeadersAD, EX2Inquiry
LMC044Developing and Implementing Strategic Marketing and Sales PlansIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC045E-Marketing: Strategies for SuccessIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC046Executive Program in Sales ManagementIN, AD5Inquiry
LMC047Executive Program in Strategic AgilityAD, EX5Inquiry
LMC048Financial & Managerial Accounting for Non-Financial ManagersIN, AD, EX3Inquiry
LMC049High Impact Business Writing: Reports, Proposals, Emails and Writing for the WebIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC050Key Account Management and Client DevelopmentIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC051Leadership Through TeambuildingIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC052Managing Your Sales Team For Improved ResultsIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC053International Marketing & Sales PlanningAD3Inquiry
LMC054New Product Development: The Complete ApproachIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC055PMP Exam Preparation Course: Project Management Professional, TheIN, AD4Inquiry
LMC056PRINCE2®: Foundation CertificateIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC057PRINCE2®: Practitioner CertificateIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC058PRINCE2®: Project Management CertificationIN, AD5Inquiry
LMC059Professional NetworkingIN, AD2Inquiry
LMC060Project Management Course – Using Microsoft Project WorkshopIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC061Risk Management 1: Foundations CertificateAD5Inquiry
LMC062Risk Management 2: Risk Implementation CertificateAD4Inquiry
LMC063Risk Management 3: Advanced Risk Practices CertificateAD4Inquiry
LMC064Strategic Brand Management & Product MarketingIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC065Strategic ManagementIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC066Strategic Marketing ManagementIN, AD4Inquiry
LMC067Strategic Planning Using The Balanced ScorecardINInquiry
LMC068Strategic Public Manager, TheIN, AD2Inquiry
LMC069Successful Business Negotiating Strategies for ManagersIN5Inquiry
LMC070Successfully Coaching and Mentoring Individuals and TeamsIN3Inquiry
LMC071Successfully Managing PeopleIN2Inquiry
LMC072Warehouse and Inventory ManagementIN, AD2Inquiry
LMC073Using “Agile” Methods For Better Project ManagementIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC074Managing Stakeholder RelationshipsIN, AD, EX3Inquiry
LMC075Contract Management: Managing Contract RiskIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC076Strategic Human Resource ManagementIN, AD3Inquiry
LMC077Cyber Security Management for Public & Private OrganizationsIN, AD4Inquiry
LMC078Information Technology GovernanceIN, AD, EX3Inquiry
LMC079Oil & Gas Advanced Project Management IN, AD, EX4Inquiry
LMC080Oil & Gas Strategic ManagementIN, AD, EX4Inquiry
LMC081Oil & Gas Risk Management IN, AD, EX3Inquiry
LMC082Oil & Gas Six SigmaIN, AD, EX4Inquiry
LMC083Six Sigma Yellow Belt IN, AD, EX4Inquiry
LMC084Six Sigma Green Belt IN, AD, EX14Inquiry
LMC085Six Sigma Black Belt IN, AD, EX14Inquiry
LMC086Six Sigma Master Black Belt IN, AD, EX14Inquiry


4. Entrepreneurship Leadership Series

The Entrepreneurship Series offers executive learning experience that is unmatchable. The accepted entrepreneurs will participate in lecture-based learning, seminar training, deliverable milestone, peer workshops and mentorship by subject matter experts.

CodeEntrepreneurship ProgramLevelDays 
ELP087Entrepreneurship Development ProgramIN, AD, EX21Inquiry
ELP088Business Plan and Growth StrategiesIN, AD, EX14Inquiry
ELP089VC/PE Executive Program: Due Diligence and M&AIN, AD, EX7Inquiry
ELP090Corporate Restructuring and TurnaroundIN, AD, EX7Inquiry
ELP091Investment and Finance Training for EntrepreneursIN, AD, EX7Inquiry


5. Corporate Custom Programs

We are more than your executive education provider, we are your partner. Our mission is to help organizations succeed by developing leaders committed to innovation, fostering a high performance culture, changing mindsets, acting with social responsibility and translating strategy into results. As your partner, SAAM will work with your team to:

  • DELIVER programs that drive mission-critical learning, performance and results
  • ALIGN programs with your overall strategic direction, culture and competency needs
  • SUPPORT your organization’s plan and individual talent performance
  • Our goal is to develop individuals who will move your organization forward. Our learning solution provides:
  • Off-the-shelf: select from a wide range of ready-made, highly targeted curriculum
  • Tailored: modify a ready-made program with discussions and exercises focusing on business context
  • Custom-designed: design a program to address unique and specific business goals and/or needs of your organization.
  • Our custom programs cover a wide range of organizational needs such as:

CodeCustom Programs 
CCP003Business Intelligence DevelopmentInquiry
CCP002Business Operations Management ProgramsInquiry
CCP010Deploying PMO and Centre of Excellence Inquiry
CCP001Leadership ProgramsInquiry
CCP009Market Positioning and BrandingInquiry
CCP005Organizational Change ManagementInquiry
CCP007Organizational Knowledge ManagementInquiry
CCP006Organizational Top-Down Assessment Inquiry
CCP008Personal Development & Talent ManagementInquiry
CCP004Risk MitigationInquiry

December 20, 2017
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